Tuesday, February 24, 2009


After my last post, I realized that Emotional Release Therapy wasn't clear to everyone so I decided to post about it.

Why do emotional releasing therapies? We all need it. People hold on to emotions be it fear, hate, low self esteem, protection, inability to forgive etc etc. From the time we were in the womb we were experiencing emotions and throughout the span of our lives emotions have been building. Some of these emotions are so strong that they sabotage aspects of life even if we currently aren't feeling that way. For example, the last appointment I had, I discovered that I have feelings associated with lack of charity that have been building and creating low self worth feelings. It is totally true! When I see someone on the side of the road broken down and don't stop- I send myself on a guilt trip or when I laugh at someone when they fall and don't run the rescue...the list goes on and on. Well after twenty plus years of sending myself of guilt trips it can cause some damage and I didn't even realize I was doing it. So how did I release the emotion(s)? Creating a new belief pattern and call to action. I no longer feel guilty when I laugh at someone for falling. I know that is isn't my job to save the world. Instead I just say a silent prayer that they are okay. It is super easy it is just a matter of recognizing how you are telling yourself to feel and responding appropriately. Some emotions are buried so deeply and cause horrible physical problems: depression, eating disorders, infertility, poverty, acne etc.

For those of you still reading this post and want to learn more about the subject I recommend the following books: (the first is my favorite)

Remembering Wholeness by Carol Tuttle
Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman
Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings by Lynn Grabhorn
Everyday Immortality by Deepak Chopra

Also for those in the area, if you want recommendations of Emotional Release Therapists I have a few I go to for different things. If you feel lame or need encouragement just think: there is a reason why Utah sells more anti depressants than any other states. :)))) Take care of your emotional crap before it takes care of you!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Everyone, including myself, has been working harder on their fitness lately. Here's to all of us:

F un
I nvestment
T houghts
N utrition
E motions
S leep
S unshine

Fun- Fitness has to be fun. I am motivated/driven by fun. (I have a lot of yellow in my color code). For me, fun equals fulfillment. Since fitness is a lifelong aspect of our lives it is important to get fulfillment.

Investment- Fitness is an investment of time and money. Healthy eating habits can cost more than crappy eating habits (it depends). Getting massages and other bodywork treatments cost money and take time. Working out takes time for sure and sometimes money (if you go to a gym or have a trainer).

Thoughts- Thoughts are things- literally. Each thought has a vibration. Out of all of your bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual, physical) your physical body is the weakest. Our mental body has way more capacity and power than our physical. So its important to pay attention to your thoughts because they have control over your emotional and physical body...think about it!

Nutrition- To quote the Extreme Body Make-over Trainer, "nutrition is 80% of what I do." Its true. What you eat affects so much: function of body, shape of body, glow of skin, energy level, etc etc. I could go on forever about how important it is to fuel the body, but I won't.

Emotions- If you haven't looked into emotional release therapies- do it now! I am reading Remembering Wholeness and loving every word- check it out. Also, I can testify from a massage therapist point of view that muscles hold emotions. It is so bizarre and cool- I wish everyone gave massages and could feel for themselves muscles holding onto emotions.

Sleep- Overall, I probably get too much sleep. I love sleeping. Every cell and organ re-energizes at night. Look-up circadian rhythms. amen.

Sunshine- Soak up some vitamin D. Breathe some fresh air.

Friday, February 6, 2009

What a lunch!

Sometimes princess shoes are worth it, but not today. I went to lunch with my co-worker and former boss. We decided to walk to Olive Garden. That was an awesome idea until it started raining and we had to walk down a grassy hill. You guessed it, rather than walking down the hill, I slid down the hill. The side of my leg was covered in brown grass and cold wetness.

Continuing on, I cleaned up in the bathroom and joined my party. After sitting, I spotted our waiter immediately. I thought he was good looking, a bit rough, but pleasant. My co-worker and former boss teamed up together and started teasing because our waiter got tongue tied in my presence-which he sort of did. They kept saying things like we had chemistry blah blah blah

We finished up and requested boxes for their extra food. I got the endless soup and salad so I wasn't getting a box. We were saying how funny it would be if we could have the waiter box up some soup for me- and we thought he probably would. BUT we weren't really going to ask him. So, as he is boxing up their lunches, my co-worker says, and "she was wondering if you would box up a bowl of soup for her," he says 'sure' and I embarrassingly try to cover and explain "we were just seeing if that was allowed- really I don't want anymore soup." Then, my former boss insists we get some more soup. The waiter is laughing and probably wondering whether I really want more soup or am lamely flirting with him. He meets my eyes, smiles, and says "don't be shy." I wasn't!

Sliding down the hill, looking like a rainy wet mess, getting teased about the waiter, accepting free soup, walking back in the rain, not falling up the hill (thanks goodness), and back to the office. What a lunch!

Who Wants to Host a Foreign Exchange Student?

I find homes for foreign exchange students as a part time job. It just happens to be that time of year when I am looking for volunteers who want to host.

Its wonderful and simple. Volunteer families provide food and board. Students have insurance and spending money. Everyone benefits and grows. The students stay the whole school year or one semester. During that time, I plan parties and mediate. Yeah. Fun!!

If you, your friends, neighbors, work associates might be interested then call me. Along with referrals, I am accepting ideas on how to find families. My target area= anywhere within a 200 mile radius.