Monday, August 23, 2010

Book Worm

I finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stiegg Larsson. I love a good mystery and by about page 50 I was hooked. Until page 50, I was considering returning it to the library. Here is an honest review offered by a person who rarely reads mystery novels: I thought the author was really tricky. I liked his angles and his layout of the story. I did get a bit nervous when some of the trails weren't uncovered, but it's a series and I didn't know that going in. The book is probably meant to be read by adults- as there is some graphic descriptions. In the end, I am not dying to read the next book, The Girl who Played with Fire, but it's on my to-read list, for sure.

As for books I am dying to read the sequel, I am on the waiting for Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins and getting really impatient! Hunger Games was probably one of the better books I have ever read. I remember about a year ago when my mom was raving about the series and I sort of dismissed her drawn out passionate description of the books. That is because, my mom also recommends books like Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites. Anyway, Hunger Games had me thinking for days. I couldn't absorb it quickly enough.

Also on my list of sequels, is Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. I loved Eat, Pray, Love- which was not her first book, but her first big success. I forgot how much I liked her style of writing until I went to the movie, twice. She is fun, witty, and everything connects. For those of you who like her, check out her Ted Talk.

I feel bad for those who don't enjoy a good novel. To really enjoy reading there has to be a shift. It's like you read the one book that changes your mind about reading. From that time forward you are willing to take a chance on another book because you remember you enjoy reading. Reading is good for my soul. It is an escape as well as a grounding experience. For those non-readers, thanks for reading this post about reading!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh My Glod!

The countdown begins!

August 28, 2010, at the Lincoln Memorial site, Glenn Beck (aka Glod) has a message to save America!