Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aura Workshop

I went to an aura workshop on Saturday. I am sure many people are not 100% certain what an aura is so here is my short explanation: Your aura is your energy field. Every living thing has an energy field. Think back to European religious art: you've seen paintings of people with white halos around their heads. Same thing. Anyway, in modern society we have cameras that take pictures of your energy field or aura.

The first picture is my aura on 2/21/09 It is predominately red. In the center are seven round circles aka chakras. Your chakras make up your aura. My upper chakras weren't as developed as my bottom chakras (with the exception of my third eye). The lady basically said that I was very grounded, intuitive, and had a lot of sexual energy. (pic taken at The Lotus in the Factory Outlet Mall)

The second picture was taken on 3/28/09. It is a lot prettier. I like this camera better because I think it does a better job of capturing your whole aura. Based on this analysis, I am helping mankind, intuitive, learning something new, a little stressed/worried, and fairly balanced. (pic taken by Coleen Jensen, Bioenergy Consultant)

Your aura changes day to day, hour to hour so it's hard to capture yourself, but it sure fun to get a glimpse of your energetic self.

Disclosure: You gotta love photo booth esp when you don't have a scanner, but taking a pic of a pic isn't very clear..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I finished the book Wicked yesterday. I have been listening to it on cd (17 discs). The only feedback I had heard previous to reading the book was: 'its so dark.' I am here to say, "Gee wiz, the title of the book is Wicked. Get a grip." Many people get dissuaded from reading a book if they hear a comment like that. I loved the book. It had me questioning good and evil, the purpose of religion, expressions of love, and all other really prominent components of life. Maybe I am more curious than average, but when I hear something is controversial I want to check it out for myself to form an opinion. The writing style is beautiful and imaginative. I highly recommend reading this book esp. if you have seen the musical or are interested in doing so.
By the way, I saw the musical previous to reading the book in Chicago last September. Melissa and I both won a pair of 4th row tickets for $25.00. The book is really detailed and pretty different from the musical, but I loved both.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

'the ugly' with an extra kick

I have a famous look (sort of like blue steel..lol) called 'the ugly.' I don't share it with everyone for the obvious reason that its pretty ugly. However, after seeing 'the ugly' in a new light I have reason to share my famous look with you all...:)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Take Advantage of Me

Hello Everyone,
Mark your calenders for Wednesday March 11th at 6pm. I am teaching a class at Young Living Farms!! The cost of the class is $5.00 and you get a healthy treat at the end:) Yummy! The class is about using essential oils with massage. You wont want to miss out. Directions: Head south on I-15 until the south Santaquin exit 242. Get off that exit, take a Right, continue ahead until you get to South Frontage road (which is your first stop sign), Turn Left ,and go six miles. Look for Young Living on your right. Let me know if you need further instruction. I hope you can make it.
Stacie Nelson

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Herding cows: Sure!! Engagement photos: Not so much!!

Before I begin, let me say I am for warmth, comfort, second hand clothes, name brand clothes, no name clothes, etc. Personally, when it comes to fashion, I aim to look hot with the least amount of money spent. Just my own philosophy. The other day I was at someone's house and on the fridge was a wedding invitation. The couple was cute enough. However the girl was wearing a denim/tan combo coat. Where were Stacy and Clinton- when we needed them?!!!! Sorry for those of you who know this couple and don't tell them about this post ;)))