Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My thoughts are scrambled. I have been in solitude for about 5 days house sitting- which has been very awesome. It has also made me realize how many rules I have for myself and how often I judge myself and how much I love food.

While house sitting, I have been cleansing and it sure is hard to cleanse. I haven't done a cleanse for about a 1.5 years so I decided to go hard core and am doing the master cleanse.

It would be really nice to be gentle on yourself 100% of the time, then again, maybe the contrast is what keeps us productive.

I have been writing an essay for my birth doula certification and I miss writing. It is more than a release for me, it is a vital part of my self expression.

I have been very into Adele's 21 album.

Also while house sitting, I have been watching movies, reading books, walking the dogs, bathing in an awesome jet tub, dancing, and gardening (well watering the garden and occasionally pulling out weeds).

Speaking of Weeds, don't start the t.v. series unless you are prepared to get totally sucked in. Luckily, like Dexter, all of the seasons aren't available on Netflix and so I have given up on them.

I am actively searching for an additional income. If anyone knows of a cool place to work, in the health and wellness world, then please let me know. I would love to exclusively be massaging and birth doula-ing but am also open to doing other work as long as it is in the same field.

I wanted to be the coolest Auntie in the world and take Jaxon to the swim park all day- so I did. However, I have paid dearly for it because I got a burn from hell. The worst burn in my life-seriously. Yes, all you nay sayers, I applied sunblock- it was even over-the-counter sunblock. Fortunately for me, my mom started making this phenomenal moisturizer- which I have been liberally applying to my skin. Heather says that mom's skin appears smoother and younger. Which brings me to a rant session about all of the crap people put on their skin in the name of beauty. Do your research people and stop buying into the poisons in your beauty must-haves. Still not done, how many people have to be medicated before we do something about our society's beliefs about beauty, health, and wellness? I am not talking about anorexia/body image beliefs either, I am talking about migraines, fibromyalgia, allergies, and depression due to over toxicity from your beauty products.

See what I mean about scrambled? It all started with a sunburn and turned into that.