Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

This year has been sparse with blog posts. I love to write and so it's a shame for me not to keep my blog up-to-date.

Merry Christmas to all (except those that don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays to them). How did that whole debate begin anyway? Can't we all just stop getting offended?

As much as I enjoy sweet, cute, wonderful, family photo Christmas postcards, I really miss out when people don't give a little letter of cheer. So here is my not so little letter of cheer:

Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 2011 has been a wonderful year. I have done a bit traveling, working, jewelry making, book reading, and a lot of growing, learning, and enjoying life.

Early in the year I participated in a music recital. Yes, me. My awe inspiring piano teacher, Esther Vasefi somehow talked me into playing a duet with her. Our piece was the Sleeping Beauty Waltz. To brag, my piece was the most complicated of all the piano pieces. To take away from my brag, all the other piano students were under age 7. I was so shy to perform that I didn't invite any friends or family. In retrospect, I wish I had shared this with my loved ones. This experience really shaped my life forever. I was nervous, I messed up, but I did it. And in the doing, I felt so proud of myself and confident. I loved getting applauded and I loved feeling the performer's high.

In the birth world, I have many exciting advances. I attended only a few births. The most memorable birth was my beautiful niece, Claire. Heather invited me along, only this time as her doula. She opted for a natural birth experience and by golly she did it! Claire was a hefty 9lb something high-ounces baby. I am so proud of Heather. She knew she could do it all along and totally down played it. When the laboring and delivery came along she showed her true colors of woman lioness power. She was calm, composed (mostly), and very strong.

My eldest sister Shelley had a baby girl Shaliese about a month before Heather had Claire. I didn't attend her birth. Lorilyn my second eldest sister did attend. I love it. Women supporting women in labor. I went to Boise in the late of summer and visited the cuteness, Shaliese. It was a mini family vacation. Mom, Dad, Lorilyn and myself all drove up to Idaho to visit Shelley's family. We had a beautiful time. I don't get to see Shelley and her family near enough.

Big time news on the birth front: I'm attending Midwifery school. I started this month. The opportunity just fell into my lap and I said yes. The class is very small. The approach is brand new and very holistic. The program teaches about body, mind, spirit connection and how that affects fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. I am learning so much and it's only been three weeks of classes! I am loving it immensely.

I got a bit creative this year with my jewelry making. I started making feather earrings. Real feathers! They are lovely. I am in love with all of the earrings. Unfortunately, the selling hasn't been going well. One boutique opted out last minute and the other doesn't really have much feather earring traffic. leaves me with many feather earrings and no return on creativity/investment. But I am so pleased with the product that I could care less about sales.

One of my friends/clients is a well renowned author and Dr of psychology. She and I do trades. She receives massage and I receive sand tray therapy. Once a week for the past 4 months I have been receiving professional counseling and it's really fun. She works with the sub-conscious so I do most of the discovering and realizations. I love it so much that she is going to teach me the ropes! She normally teaches sand tray therapy to psychologists, social workers and alike but has offered to instruct me. In Utah sand tray therapy requires certification only (not licensing). I will be adding another tool to my box of modalities. And a modality I have experienced and feel passionate about.

Among my most memorable past times of 2011 was my trip to Arizona. I went for a whole week to visit Jeremy's family and the sunshine. We spent our days hiking, fixing cars, thrifting, and exploring Sedona. We spent our nights having Bored to Death  and True Blood marathons, eating turkey leftovers, downloading music, and laughing. Can I express how much I love hanging out with Jeremy? I doubt it. Jadin and Ava are growing like weeds. It must be all the sunshine in AZ. I love being an auntie to many babies and kids I wish were still babies. Time flies when you're watching a child grow. I love them all; related by blood or by God.

Speaking of God relations, I have many wonderful friends who are family to me. I am happy to be surrounded by accepting, loving, funny, and wonderful people. I have always had a special love for my friends.

I recognize my many blessings and easy life. I have few monetary struggles. My life is filled with an abundance of conveniences, loved ones, teachers, and growing opportunities. Thank you for being apart of my life and blessing it with your presence. May you also recognize your abundance and keep it flowing through 2012.

With Love,


p.s. top reads of 2011: Inkheart series, Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth, and Love is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield