Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have been using a lap top lately and loving it. It's not mine. I am sure going to miss not having one. As I write this, I am lounging. Awww, so convenient.

So a few cool things. I went to a meditation workshop this last weekend. I am already noticing my life improving. I never thought of myself and meditation being friends because my mind wonders. Now I accept mind wonderings as part of the process and have stopped judging it. I find that I enjoy meditation much more now. If you want to read more check out:

I have a birth coming up the first part of March. I am quite excited anytime I get the opportunity to doula. Also, two of my sisters are having their babies in the spring. I have been there for Heather's last two births as a sister. It will be a new experience to serve a doula.

Last night I went to a benefit concert in an underground venue in Provo. It was so cool. The atmosphere was very chic and hip. Provo has a fun underground music and art scene. It would be nice to get more involved in some of the underground workings in Provo.

I've said it before, and I will say it over and over again, Netflix rocks. Recently I watched No Impact Man, The Gerson Miracle, and The Picture of Dorian Gray (I attempted the book, as it's a classic. The writing was very detailed and intense, but I may have ruined my desire to finish the book after watching the movie. Why?!) I would highly recommend both No Impact Man and The Gerson Miracle.

I hope the rest of you are finding fun ways to survive the end of the winter season. It is almost springtime. The grass is showing. The shift is coming and I am ready!