Monday, October 19, 2009

Mother Nature Teaches a Lesson

Autumn is my favorite season. It seems so short, I guess because I only love certain parts: I love the rich warm colors, I love harvest, I love grape juice and fresh salsa, I love Halloween, I love the excitement in the air, I love layering and long sleeves, and I especially love long drives through pretty canyons.

I went on an autumnal drive up Payson canyon on Saturday. I saw the most brilliant red leafed tree. Naturally, I pulled over and perused to find the most beautiful leaf. As I neared the tree, I started to see imperfect leaves. Most of the leaves had been eaten away by bugs or dried out on the corners. This got me thinking (of course), the most beautiful things, people, and places are composed of imperfect pieces.

I get caught up in perfection. I want to be perfect at this and that and everything. This is impossible. Life is so much easier and much more beautiful when you stand back and view the entire tree rather than inspecting each leaf. Ahhh, the lessons mother nature teaches.

p.s. image taken by David C. Schultz