Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dream State

All I know, is that I am sick of opening my blog and seeing the "bookworm" post. I learned a cool piece of information that I want to pass on about sleep.

When we go to sleep, we are connecting to our spirits. We are remembering our mission in life, getting answers to prayers, and communicating with....whoever you communicate with. Usually, almost always, right before we wake up, we have these outlandish dreams about five headed monsters or totally bizarre circumstances. That way, when we wake up we only remember the weird dream because it blocks out all of our messages and communications that help us in this life. However, there is a way to retain the information you want instead of the chaos. Before you sleep, offer a prayer to remove all unclean things from your sleep state. The first night I did this, I learned a really cool piece of information that I use almost daily.

Try it! This simple act could change things for you. Really, it's the simple things that change and impact our lives. Happy sleeping!