Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sacred Pregnancy Retreat

Have you heard my good news? Recently I attended a Sacred Pregnancy retreat in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. I LOVED it. I stayed in a beautiful beach house. My back yard was the ocean. The food was incredibly delicious, healthy, and gourmet. Anni used to be an organic chef and has written several cook books so.....Yummy food.The people I met there are now my sisters. I wanted to wait to post about my experience until more photos have been released, but I am too excited.

Sacred Pregnancy is movement. It is "old school" as Anni (the owner) puts it. We are bringing back ancient traditions of sisterhood and sister tribes. As women gather together and support each other, something magically powerful happens. I have never felt so connected to other women or to myself as when I was sitting in a circle with my sisters learning about Sacred Pregnancy.

For women to serve and raise up their families, they must first serve and raise up themselves. For women to be good mothers, they must be good to themselves. This course teaches women how to be good, gentle, and loving to themselves. Most of all it teaches deep drink principles. Life is abundantly lived when drinking the deep drink... Doesn't Sacred Pregnancy sound exciting?!! I will be offering classes starting in April- dates are yet to be announced. Stay tuned in... Thank you for your continued support in my life and my passions.