Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It was my birthday last Friday. A few highlights:

Meliss had streamers, balloons, and flowers set up when I woke up. No picture of that, but here is us at Baker beach from two weeks ago.

Heather and the kiddos came over to go to lunch and a sweet shop:)

Jaxon took this pic:)

Later in the evening Meliss, Ella, Heather, and I went to a Thai restaurant and to 17 Again. Both delicious.

Heather wrapped my gifts in gold- as it was my GOLDEN birthday (24 on the 24th)

Jeremy and his family came to Utah (not for my birthday- but it felt like a b-day gift- I was so happy). Here are some shots of Jadin and Ava.

Thanks to all those who threw me a kickin' surprise party on Saturday!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Old Maid Sprink Break 2009

Meliss and I went to CA last Wednesday and got back yesterday. We went last minute because our house is under construction. Luckily Meliss is from Cali so it all worked out. We called it 'old maid spring break 2009' because technically being a single female in mid twenties in Utah county makes us old maids.

Top 10 Highlights of trip:

1. Karaoke-ing to Cher's "Believe" on the way there. Thank you Orem Public Library.
2. Sleeping at Grandpa's cabin overlooking Lake Tahoe (Melissa's grandpa). There is a HUGE bath tub which took about 45 mins to fill and a sauna. You can only imagine my pure enjoyment.
3. La Panchitas. Nice mexican joint with yummy-HOT salsa
4. San Francisco: Thrift store on 16th and market a must!, smelling Eucalyptus trees on the way to Baker beach, watching the sunset and collecting rocks along the shoreline, Lombard street, and artsy alley ways.
5. Meeting Meliss's grandpa. His house/land is connected to a Native American burial site. He showed us Indian artifacts found on the land. Also, he showed us an old handcrafted oven in his back yard made by an Italian- which had brand new baby birds inside of it- the birds were hairless. We ate lunch, and then got black and white ice cream cones from a dairy. It was nice to be around grandparents again....
6. The Cat in the Hat play. Melissa's little sis was the cat in her high school play. She was the best!!
7. Lounging around the house, eating lemons from trees, watching home videos, laughing, eating food. etc.
8. Rolling hills full of California poppies and purple flowers. Beautiful.
9. Meeting Melissa's family- virtually every family member (extended included). I can't remember the last time all of my siblings were together let alone extended.
10. On the way home I was in and out of sleep. I felt possessed--I had no sleep control. Poor Melissa drove home 3 p.m to 4 a.m. Every now again I would look over and she would be jamming out to John Mayer. hahaha.

It was nice to get away even if only for a few days. Thanks goodness for warm weather, family and friends, flowers, oceans, thrift stores, and road trips!!!

p.s. pics may be coming later

p.p.s many thanks and praises to Heather for a cute blog.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jaxon and Lori share their b-days on the 5th.

We had a combined pirate party. It was a blast.

One question: Why do I look like Boy George?

Monday, April 6, 2009

One of my very favorite things in the whole wide world is dancing to live music. Going to concerts evokes a child-like joy throughout my body. Saturday night I was lucky enough to go to the Brett Dennen (B.D.) concert. I danced and sang the night away. I wasn't sure if B.D. was a good performer, but he is!! He was dancing all over the stage. Think slow to moderate happy dancing not fast crazy head banging dancing. He is 6 ft 5 in. It seems to me that tall people are uncomfortable or awkward in movement. Not B.D. He was limber and loose and had some sweet moves. It was the last show of his tour- it seemed like all the performers were having so much fun. Among my favorite songs performed: Just Like the Moon, Because You are a Woman, Blessed, and Aint No Reason. His music expresses hope, love, truth, and enjoying life. If you ever need a pick me up or incredibly sweet words listen to Brett Dennen. Blessed is this life and I am going to celebrate being alive -Brett Dennen.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thank you all for participating- I really like the input: Which LOGO?