Monday, February 8, 2010

V-day Conclusions

Valentine's Day is coming and I've been thinking.... the holiday has become disgustingly commercialized. Also, I've been single every Valentine's Day of my life. With that said, I should join the 'Single Awareness Day' folks. Something inside of me enjoys Valentine's Day though. I gleefully celebrate it every year by watching rom-coms, eating chocolate, smelling roses, and wearing red or pink underwear.

Thinking about things I like about about V-day, got me thinking about Cupid ... Who is Cupid? He is the son of Venus (Goddess of love) and Mercury (messenger God). How sweet, a child who spreads love messages. However, un-sweet is the whole history of Cupid and his love arrows. Roman mythology is whacked.

Researching Cupid got me thinking.... In my astrology profile, I am ruled by Venus. Somewhere in the universe, Cupid and I are linked.

Conclusions: Although I disagree with holidays losing their true meaning because of commercialism, I am a love child ruled by Venus. Therefore, I insist on celebrating love holidays.

Other conclusions: Dear John had some sexy Channing Tatum moments and I like celebrating by watching rom-dramas too. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!