Monday, February 20, 2012

Increasing Gratitude

Lately, I have felt a genuine increase of gratitude in my life. Usually, I have to force myself into gratitude. This feeling, however, is totally organic. And to think, during winter? WHaaa!?! I have started doing a few things that I feel are major contributors: The Artist's Way, midwifery school, and new make-up.

The Artist's Way is a book. This book was recommended to me by a client. This client works at a university in NYC as the director of the whole arts program. So, no big deal. :) She said this book changed her life and led her career path. I found it whilst thrifting. Thank you, thrift stores. Anyway, this book is a 12 week program. Essentially, every morning I wake up and write 3 pages of nonsense. The goal is to clear all of the chatter out of my head. Also, every week I spend time with my self/inner artist. We draw, take walks, go to museums etc. The most important thing is that you are by yourself. You are trying to get to know yourself better and nourish the relationship of you and your inner artist. Also, I read a chapter a week and follow any written homework exercises (which I hardly do the exercises). This book is for everyone. I can see the changes in myself and am astonished that something so simple can be so profound. Recommending it to every person alive. Something profound the author points out is that in order to access your creator you need to be creative. So true. Amen.

Next, midwifery school is incredible. I go to school every week with awesome women. Age ranges between 24-71. We solve all of life's issues with empowered birth lessons. Birth can effect the world, the community, and an individual all at the same time. Ina May Gaskin, midwife pioneer, says that a midwife is as essential to a community as a farmer. And I totally agree. More and more women are standing up for themselves and taking charge of their bodies. Watch out world! We are transforming at an alarming rate and I am so proud to be apart of it. I am getting more and more passionate about people feeling supported, trusted, and intuitive. We all shine brighter if we feel validated. Midwifery school has done this for me. Not to mention, I have a whole new community. I love these women and our lessons are beautiful.

On a vane level, I really love Sunset Bronze. It makes me feel like I have a pretty suntan. Love in a jar for $16. I was hesitant because it has an orange/red tint and I am already orange enough, but it is lovely.

Gratitude is everything. However, if it's not genuine then it feels like nothing. I have been there several times. You look around and say 'okay I have a job, house, food, and family/friends. Why am I not grateful?'. If gratitude is not genuine for you right now, wait. Soon you will be swept away with it. Mine came about from a book, a new community, and a bronzer. Life's little blessings sometimes have the most profound shifts. Thank you anyone who read this and bless you.


Adam and Marianne said...

I like this Stacie. Your ideas and thoughts always uplift me. I really should consider writing down my chatter, and I'm definitely wanting some sunset bronze. Love you, and see you soon.

Adam and Marianne said...

Oh, whoops, this is Becky, not Adam and Marianne.

Brinn said...

i like this almost as much as i like you. you are a beautiful person stacie marie.