Monday, November 5, 2012

Seattle Part 2

After Banana Island, I went to a fruit luck at a beautiful park in Seattle (which is a pot luck, but just fruit). There, I tried kiwi berries, durian, and jackfruit.  I went with some people from Banana Island and some people from Seattle. It was weird to hang out with my new friends outside of Banana Island. We met up Zhanna at the park. The last time I saw Zhanna was 3 years ago when she came to Utah to visit me. We worked and lived together in Colorado and have stayed good friends.

Zhanna had to work on Monday. During the day Karen and explored Seattle. We rode the Ferris wheel, went back to Pike's Market, went shopping, and attempted a trip to the museum, but it was closed. In the evening Zhanna, her roommate Adriana, Karen and I all went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. I ordered a salad and fresh squeezed orange juice. Then we went to Barnes and Nobles, while there, I bought the book 80/10/10 by Douglas Grahm- which is the very book I should have read in preparation for banana island! Zhanna had to drop her cousin off at the airport and so Karen, Adriana and I went back home and had a karaoke party. Little did Karen and I know, Adriana happens to have a number one hit in 3 DIFFERENT countries. Eeks. We were pretty shy after she was belting out some Whitney Houston classics..

On our last day in Seattle, we met up with Amy again whose house we stayed at before Banana Island. She was hosting Janna, a girl who went to Banana Island. Janna is from Australia and is touring the US. The four of us went to a raw food restaurant and then to the airport. The last day there was the only day it rained. Apparently September and August is the dry season in Seattle. We were so lucky to see the rain, but only for a few hours :)

What I loved most about Seattle is probably the beauty. There were mtns, lakes, the ocean, forests, and flowers. It wasn't as artsy as I was expecting it to be. I would go back in heart beat, but only during dry season :)


Brinn said...

So much fun! We are headed there in December and I am so excited :) Sounds like you had a blast friend, you look great!

Heather said...

I was just thinking about the massage you gave Ratatouille...still laughing. :)