Thursday, May 3, 2012

Internet Bashing

I saw this photo on pinterest yesterday. This is the caption They all weigh 150lbs. It's not just about weight, do you know your BMI? I was pretty amazed because I don't equate health with a number.  A number doesn't tell me how my organs are functioning, if my joints are flexible, what's my blood pressure, how strong is my immune system etc. But that's for another controversy. What attracted me to this photo was the number of comments. So I started reading them. The first or second comment was from a girl, Jayne. She said something like "150 is huge. I would kill myself if I weighed that much. Just go vegan and you won't be fat." Again this is roughly quoting her. People started knocking her down and tearing apart her comments. And... she would comment again. NEVER backing down. She was a fighter. So I check it today and there is no Jayne. What happened to Jayne the relentless fighter? Then I kept reading the comments. And I would have deleted myself too.

It comes down to a few things for me: How can I speak my truth without tearing people down? I don't have to feel threatened by someone else's opinions. I don't even have to defend my own opinion. That is EGO.  The differences in people are exciting. Celebrate diversity. Also, (and more importantly) remember that we are one. I cannot see another without seeing myself reflected back. Instead of finding things to separate myself from others, focus on the things that unite us. Deepak Chopra says, "today I will bond with others knowing the Other is myself in disguise."

Here is the link to the picture. If you want, waste some time reading all of the comments hating on Jayne.

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Brinn said...

love this. amen x a billion. the internet makes people stupidly bold.